Introduction to the Legal and Arbitration Services of Dr. Behniai

The International Arbitration and Legal Consultancy Institution of Dr. Behniai was established in the city of Tehran under registration number 38201 in the year 2015, following a decade of regular and effective collaboration with experts in the field of law. The institution offers specialized and professional services across various departments, including Arbitration and Mediation, Legal and Judicial, Educational and Research, and Cultural and Legal Publications.

The institution’s primary objective is to focus on the cultivation and expansion of the arbitration and mediation system, as well as to address the legal needs and judicial pursuits of clients in legal and arbitration forums across all countries. Moreover, to fulfill its lofty mission and objectives, the JAD Legal Foundation continually strives to educate, raise awareness, and expand the resolution of disputes through arbitration, thereby playing a more influential role among legal experts, companies, and other economic actors.

Introduction to the Head of the Institution

Dr. Behnam Behniai is the founder of the International Arbitration and Legal Consultancy Institution of Behnam Behniai and is a professor for courses in commercial arbitration and international investment. He holds degrees in International Commercial Law and Strategic Management from state universities in Berlin, Germany, and Tehran, Iran. In addition to his academic credentials, Dr. Behniai has extensive experience in the field of legal affairs and contract management. He has taught courses on commercial arbitration and international investment at the University of Berlin and numerous other academic and research institutions worldwide. Given the breadth of his professional experience and specialized studies in related fields, Dr. Behniai successfully presented the results of his interdisciplinary research in the form of “Behniai’s Theory: A Meta-Paradigmatic Analysis of Law” in 2018. This intellectual and spiritual work was officially registered and published in the country’s official journal affiliated with the judiciary.

Innovative Services of the JAD Legal Foundation

Design and introduction of the academic field “Legal Management and International and Domestic Commercial Arbitration” at the Master’s and Doctoral levels – for the first time in the country, complete with a comprehensive specialized curriculum and a program for developing professional skills. This is alongside other professional legal and judicial courses aimed at enhancing the academic and practical skills of lawyers, judges, interns, and enthusiasts from other fields.
Professional collaboration with graduates of JAD Legal Foundation courses.
Establishment of JAD Specialized Legal Publications.
Creation and management of a research group focused on advanced and interdisciplinary legal studies based on Legal Tech.

Legal and Arbitration Courses of the JAD Legal Foundation

The arbitration courses offered by Dr. Behniai’s Legal Complex encompass comprehensive training, covering everything a legal arbitrator requires for acceptance and success in both international and domestic cases. In recent years, the growing interest of economic actors in referring their disputes to arbitration has resulted in numerous of our students achieving success in the arbitration profession. They have effectively concluded numerous cases by rendering verdicts in the best way possible. We provide this opportunity and initiate collaboration with young arbitrators who demonstrate dedication and capability upon completion of the courses.

JAD Publications

JAD Legal Publications (License No. 14752) is a specialized publisher in the arenas of law and arbitration, committed to filling existing gaps in these sectors in the most effective manner for its target audience. Noteworthy collections include series such as “Specialized Attorneys,” “Legal Encyclopedias,” “Thoughtful Jurists,” and “Complex Legal Issues,” along with the book “Reference Guide to Iranian Legal Arbitrators.” The scientific and professional credentials of arbitrators educated by the foundation are disclosed in the most recent publications and are also featured on Dr. Behniai’s Legal Foundation’s official website in the section called “Arbitrators House.” This facilitates easier identification of independent arbitrators and streamlines the process of arbitration case referrals to them. To date, JAD Publications has successfully executed numerous custom projects on judicial and arbitration topics across various domestic and international legal systems, maintaining the highest level of quality.

Research Activities of Dr. Behniai’s Legal Foundation

The initiative for the creation of the “National Database for Neurocognitive and Comprehensive Legal and Judicial Culture of the Brain in the Islamic Republic of Iran” has been officially registered as an intellectual and spiritual property under the number 587-97 on June 2, 2018, at the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance’s Office for Intellectual and Spiritual Property. It was published in the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Official Gazette under issue number 21340, dated June 20, 2018.
Extensive studies and research are being conducted by Dr. Behniai’s research group in collaboration with leading professors from universities and experts in fields related to the legal ecosystem in Iran and other countries.
The JAD Legal Publications license has been obtained to fulfill the organization’s cultural mission of publishing the findings of the studies mentioned above and research.
Scientific and research guidance is being provided to postgraduate students for the execution of interdisciplinary legal academic research in the form of theses and dissertations.
Examining large-scale and upstream contracts and presenting research reports to ensure good execution as well as prevent and rectify corruption, including Iran’s new upstream oil contracts (IPC).
Investigation and authorship of a 5-volume book series titled “Neuroscience: A Revolution in the Science of Law and Neuronal Justice.”
Studies and research on designing intelligent systems for legal management and contracts in industrial, commercial, and governmental centers.
Planning and research management for the analysis of academic texts from leading countries in fields related to the project in over 70,000 credible scientific articles and documents.
Registration of the first knowledge-based company in the field of neuroscience in West Asia.
Providing legal consultation services in 20 specialized commissions, formulating defensive arguments, and drafting judicial and arbitration bills based on neuroscience both domestically and internationally.
Research, authorship, and compilation of research-focused legal encyclopedias in 20 volumes.
Research, authorship, and compilation of a 70-volume comprehensive legal reference on industrial, commercial, governmental, urban, and cultural management.
Research, authorship, and compilation of a 20-volume series on complex legal and judicial issues in collaboration with esteemed judges and high-ranking scholars as well as distinguished university professors.
Research management of fair adjudication strategies based on neuroscience in the judicial and quasi-judicial processes and practices of the Islamic Republic of Iran, supported by advanced technologies.
Research management in the legal-economic analysis of the effectiveness of infrastructures in the execution and development of electronic commerce.
Collaboration with scholarly judges and top-tier executives to conduct interdisciplinary and advanced studies in the light of neuroscience; initiating pilot projects rooted in cutting-edge technologies and establishing a legal and judicial technology lab; as well as creating a new cadre of practical legal reference books.
Application of scientific findings in neuroscience for analyzing and issuing judicial and arbitration decisions.
Legal governance and contract management for both national and international entities, anchored in state-of-the-art technologies and guided by neuroscience.
Cultivating and educating on “modern interdisciplinary research methodology” to facilitate more intelligent and comprehensive research for professors, students, and other interested parties. This aims to create and expand research platforms that have a more complex understanding of the real meanings of theories, rules, and legal principles.
Authoring the book “Dynamic Justice: A Study on Modern Issues in the Iranian Legal System.”
Diagnosing and amending legal and judicial procedures based on neuroscience and advanced technologies.
Establishing an intelligent communication network with other innovative and creative international companies and institutions to synergize and manage knowledge, establish procedural unity in administering neural justice, and develop and produce advanced, knowledge-based technologies and indigenous and global smart systems.
Organizing periodic research-based and idea-driven events at various levels, featuring stakeholders from diverse sectors, including university professors, students, entrepreneurs, innovative companies, startups, legal consulting and service firms, governmental agencies, investors, and other relevant groups.

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